Open House

Open House is a nine-day space that will bring together people facing the housing crisis across London to organise and take action around our collective housing needs.

Open House is taking place in County Street, a stone’s throw from Elephant & Castle tube. See here for a map.

OPEN HOUSEWhether you’re a council tenant facing the bedroom tax or a squatter threatened with eviction, a private renter dealing with a dodgy landlord or a member of housing co-op fighting to survive – this space is for you.

This affects all of us. The bedroom tax and housing benefit caps are starting to bite, squatting derelict buildings is being criminalised, the rents are rising exponentially, and many people are being forced from their homes by landlords, local councils, bailiffs and police.

We can no longer afford for housing to be an individual problem. We need come together to organise around our collective housing needs, share stories and tactics. Together, we can build a movement of practical solidarity to resist social cleansing and gentrification, and reclaim housing and the city for the people who live in it.

So come down to a skillshare on legal observing, a workshop on how to set up a housing co-op, a Q&A session on tenants’ rights, a talk on gentrification, a game of capture the flag, or just for a cup of tea and a chat.


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